Marble Cremation Urns For Sale

A collection of affordable marble funeral urns for ashes, made of the finest stone materials. Simple, classic, and timeless designs. Pick up in our Surrey store or arranged to be shipped anywhere in Canada.

Engraved Urn Services Available

Our marble urns collection is designed to offer a sophisticated and personalized memorial experience. We proudly provide expert engraving services, transforming our blank marble urns into engraved urns that capture the essence of your loved one. Our experienced artisans skillfully inscribe names, dates, and heartfelt sentiments onto the marble surface with precision and attention to detail. This bespoke customization not only adds a distinctive touch to your chosen piece but also creates a unique and enduring tribute to celebrate the cherished bond you shared. Trust in our engraving service to deliver a truly exceptional and personalized engraved urn for your loved one's memory.