Why Do Funeral Homes Charge So Much For A Casket?



Experiencing the loss of a loved one is a heart-wrenching journey, and amidst this emotional whirlwind, organizing a funeral becomes a challenging endeavor. For many, selecting the right casket becomes the primary concern, followed by the memorial service. This is often when individuals turn to funeral homes to facilitate a dignified commemoration of the departed.

In the modern era, funeral homes present an assortment of packages, but these can often stretch one's budget. However, today's consumers aren't restricted to purchasing caskets solely from funeral homes. Instead, they can explore online options, with a plethora of casket companies offering durable and aesthetically pleasing caskets at more budget-friendly rates. This article aims to illuminate the elements influencing casket prices and delve into the rationale behind funeral home casket pricing.

Why Are Caskets So Expensive?

According to the Stats Canada, casket prices have outpaced the cost of several consumer goods over the past three decades, increasing by nearly double in some cases. A visit to a funeral home reveals that caskets typically range from $6,000 to $10,000. This steep pricing is attributed to the manual effort involved in crafting them and the dominant market control exercised by major manufacturers from the U.S., combined with their collaboration with nationwide funeral homes.

A lesser-known fact is that procuring a casket exclusively from a funeral home is not obligatory. One can conveniently source it on their own, from specialized casket stores like Casket Depot or even from online platforms like Amazon. So, what factors make caskets pricier? Let's break down the determinants:

  • Range of Prices and Styles: The primary cost variable for a casket is its construction material. Two dominant materials are wood and metal. For wood, choices like mahogany, walnut, or cherry command higher prices compared to oak or pine. On the metal front, budget-friendly options usually involve 20-gauge steel, while premium ones are crafted from copper or bronze. Beyond the base material, the intricacies added by the artisan play a role in the final price, with intricate details escalating costs. Furthermore, the interior lining material (like luxurious velvet versus standard crepe) can influence the price. While funeral homes may price caskets between $2000 and $10,000, online platforms often offer comparable quality ranging from $900 to $4000.
  • The Dominance of ‘Big Casket’: The term 'Big Casket' signifies Batesville and Matthews, the two predominant casket manufacturers in the U.S. Together, they command 82% of the market share. By producing and directly supplying funeral homes, their markups on caskets can soar to 300%-400%. Funeral homes, in turn, escalate these prices, placing added financial strain on mourning families. Data from the National Funeral Directors Association in the US indicates average costs for metal caskets at approximately $3,300, and wooden ones at about $4,000. For instance, the Pacifica casket, a popular choice, has a retail value of $1,299. In contrast, funeral homes might price it between $2,000 and $2,600.


In British Columbia, the cremation, interment and funeral services Act was established to ensure transparency and fairness in the funeral service industry. According to this act, consumers in BC have the right to choose their preferred casket for a funeral without being bound to procure it from a specific funeral home. This legislation safeguards consumers by making it unlawful for funeral homes to decline services to those who source caskets externally, be it from online vendors or specialized casket stores.

Given the profound emotional impact of losing a dear one, the act of casket shopping can be a daunting challenge. This has historically led to a majority of casket purchases being made directly from funeral homes. However, as online options, such as those offered by Casket Depot Vancouver, present a more economical alternative, an increasing number of Canadians are turning to online platforms. Companies like Casket Depot Vancouver not only offer competitively priced caskets but also assure timely delivery. Additionally, offerings are available on major e-commerce platforms, including Costco and Amazon, further expanding choices for consumers.

Navigating the loss of a cherished individual is undoubtedly a traumatic phase. Amid this emotional storm, orchestrating a funeral might feel overwhelming. By considering online casket providers like Casket Depot Vancouver, one can ensure a fitting farewell without undue financial burdens.

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