Granite Flat Marker Casket Depot Monument
Flat granite marker on grey granite with carvings.
Flat Grave Markers
Flat Grave Markers
Casket Depot Monument

Flat Grave Markers

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We provide a wide range of flat granite markers at competitive prices, in partnership with a leading local monument maker. Choose from various types of high-quality granite to suit your preference. Our prices include both design and delivery, ensuring great value. Additionally, we offer a price match guarantee: if you find a lower price from another supplier, just show us the quote and we'll beat it by 10%

Design: We can inscribe in any language & include any religious symbols. 

Delivery timeline: 1-2 Weeks, compared to industry average of 5-6 weeks. 

Bundle Discount: With the purchase of a casket, receive an additional 20% off markers.

How to Place Your Order: You can place your orders with us via phone, through our website, or by visiting us in person at our store.

Marker Dimension
12" x 8" x 3"
20" x 12" x 3"
24" x 16" x 3"
26" x 18" x 3"
28" x 16" x 4"
30" x 18" x 3"


Frequently Asked Questions About Flat Grave Markers

What is a Flat Grave Marker?

Flat grave markers, also known as flush, lawn-level, or grass markers, are a type of grave marker that lies flat on the ground at the head of a grave. They are a popular choice for their simplicity and ease of maintenance.

What Materials are Used for Flat Grave Markers?

These markers are commonly made from granite, bronze, or a combination of both. Granite offers durability and a variety of colour options, while bronze is known for its classic, elegant appearance.

How are Flat Grave Markers Customized?

Customization options for flat grave markers include engraving of names, dates, and personal messages. Some people also choose to add symbols, images, or epitaphs that reflect the personality or beliefs of the deceased.

Are Flat Grave Markers Allowed in All Cemeteries?

Most cemeteries allow flat grave markers, but it's important to check the specific regulations of the cemetery you're considering. Some have restrictions on size, material, or design.

How Long Do Flat Grave Markers Last?

Flat grave markers are designed to be durable and withstand the elements. Granite markers can last for centuries with minimal maintenance, while bronze markers maintain their appearance for decades but may require occasional cleaning.

What is the Cost Range for Flat Grave Markers?

The cost of flat grave markers varies based on size, material, and customization. Generally, prices can range from a few hundred to several thousand dollars. Our flat markers start at $599

How Do You Maintain a Flat Grave Marker?

Maintenance typically involves regular cleaning to remove dirt and debris. Granite markers can be cleaned with water and a mild detergent, while bronze markers may need special cleaning solutions to maintain their finish.

Can Flat Grave Markers Be Personalized After They Are Placed?

Additional inscriptions can be added to granite markers after placement. However, for bronze markers, this is more challenging and might require the marker to be taken to a specialist.

What Sizes Do Flat Grave Markers Come In?

Standard sizes for flat grave markers typically range from 24"x12" to 36"x14", but custom sizes are also available to suit individual preferences or cemetery requirements.

How Do I Choose the Right Flat Grave Marker?

Consider factors like the cemetery's regulations, desired material and design, budget, and the personal preferences of the deceased or their family. Consulting with a professional monument provider can also be helpful.

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