Understanding Gauge Numbers in Metal Caskets: A Guide to Steel Thickness and Durability


Gauge numbers in metal caskets refer to the thickness of the steel used to construct the casket. In general, a lower gauge number indicates a thicker steel and a higher gauge number indicates a thinner steel. Here are a few common gauge numbers used in caskets:

  • 18 gauge steel: This is considered to be a heavy-duty steel and is often used in high-end caskets. The thickness of the sheet material is around 0.052 inches.

  • 20 gauge steel: This is a medium-weight steel and is a popular choice for many caskets. The thickness of this sheet material is around 0.040 inches: 23.1% thinner compared to 18 gauge. 

  • 22 gauge steel: This is a lighter-weight steel and is commonly used in lower-priced caskets. The thickness of the sheet material is around 0.034 inches: 20% thinner compared to 20 gauge.

It is important to note that a lower gauge steel casket is usually considered more durable than a higher gauge steel casket. 

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