Top view of a pillow marker in red polished granite.
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Pillow Markers

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We provide a wide selection of Pillow markers at competitive prices, in partnership with a leading local monument maker. Choose from various types of high-quality granite to suit your preference. Our prices include both design and delivery, ensuring great value. Additionally, we offer a price match guarantee: if you find a lower price from another supplier, just show us the quote and we'll beat it by 10%

Design: We can inscribe in any language & include any religious symbols. 

Delivery timeline: 1-2 Weeks, compared to industry average of 5-6 weeks. 

Bundle Discount: With the purchase of a casket, receive an additional 20% off markers.

How to Place Your Order: You can place your orders with us via phone, through our website, or by visiting us in person at our store.

Marker Dimension Price
20" x 12" x 6/4" $1190
24" x 12" x 8/5" $1676
27" x 15" x 6/4" $1850
28" x 16" x 6/4" $1940
30" x 18" x 6/4" $2170


Frequently Asked Questions About Pillow Markers

What are Pillow Markers?

Pillow markers, also known as bevel markers or hickey markers, are a type of headstone slightly raised above the ground, resembling a pillow. They offer a unique aesthetic compared to traditional flat markers.

What Materials are Commonly Used for Pillow Markers?

Pillow markers are typically crafted from durable materials like granite or marble. These materials ensure longevity and allow for a range of customization options.

How are Pillow Markers Different from Flat Grave Markers?

Unlike flat markers that lie flush with the ground, pillow markers are slanted and raised, providing a more pronounced presence in the cemetery. This elevation also helps in maintaining visibility and cleanliness.

Can Pillow Markers be Personalized?

Yes, pillow markers offer various personalization options, including engraving of names, dates, messages, and even intricate designs or images that reflect the personality or interests of the departed.

What Sizes Do Pillow Markers Come In?

Standard sizes for pillow markers vary, but they are generally smaller than upright headstones. Dimensions can be customized to meet specific cemetery regulations or personal preferences.

What is the Cost Range for Pillow Markers?

The cost of pillow markers can vary significantly based on size, material, and level of customization. Prices typically range from moderate to high-end, making them a versatile option for different budgets.

Are Pillow Markers Allowed in All Cemeteries?

While most cemeteries accommodate pillow markers, it's important to check specific regulations regarding size and style. Some cemeteries might have restrictions or special requirements.

How Do You Maintain a Pillow Marker?

Maintenance involves regular cleaning to remove debris and prevent weathering. It's advisable to use gentle cleaning agents suitable for the marker's material.

What Factors Should Be Considered When Choosing a Pillow Marker?

Consider the cemetery's regulations, desired material, design preferences, budget, and the personal or family wishes. Consulting with a monument specialist is often helpful in making an informed decision.

How Long Does It Take to Install a Pillow Marker?

The installation time can vary depending on the complexity of the design and the monument company's schedule. Our delivery timeline for pillow markers is typically 1-2 weeks. 

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