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Luxor Cremation Urn Vault

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Honour the memory of your loved one with the Luxor Cremation Urn Vault, a durable and secure choice for preserving and protecting their remains. Made in the U.S.A., the Luxor Urn Vault is a testament to quality and care, ensuring a lasting tribute for your loved one.

Premium Design and Construction

Constructed from strong ABS polymer, this lightweight urn vault features an elegant architectural column relief design on the sides and a raised carapace dome lid. The non-biodegradable polystyrene material guarantees long-lasting protection, while the unique inverted dome air pressure provides additional security.

Secure and Easy-to-Use Closure System

The Luxor Urn Vault is designed for ease of use with a secure adhesive coupled with a tongue-in-groove fitting closure system. The urn vault can withstand up to 8,000 lbs PSI, ensuring the safekeeping of your loved one's remains.

Product Specifications:

  • Material: ABS Polymer
  • Exterior Dimensions: 14" W x 14" L x 13" H
  • Interior Dimensions: 12" W x 12" L x 12" H
  • Lower Tier Size: 10.5" L x 10.5" W x 8.5" H
  • Medium Tier Size: 9.5" L x 9.5" W x 11" H
  • Top Tier Size: 7" L x 7" W x 12" H
  • Weight: 14 lbs
  • Pressure Resistance: 8,000 PSI
  • Closure: Adhesive Coupled with Tongue in Groove Fitting
  • Made in U.S.A.

Choose the Luxor Cremation Urn Vault for a sophisticated, reliable, and dignified option to preserve the memory of your loved one. Its impressive design and sturdy construction make it a fitting tribute that will stand the test of time.

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