Top Selling Urns from Casket Depot Vancouver

When it comes to commemorating the life of a loved one, choosing the right urn is an essential part of the process. Casket Depot Vancouver offers a wide variety of top-selling urns that cater to different preferences and budgets. In this article, we will explore six popular urns available at Casket Depot Vancouver.

Rose Sponge Urn: "Rose Sponge brass metal urn with a unique rosé sponge finish"

Rosé Sponge

The Rosé Sponge urn is an adult-sized brass metal urn featuring a unique rosé sponge finish. It can hold up to 190 cubic inches of ashes and comes with a threaded cap to ensure secure closure.

Loving Bird Bronze With Gold Hammering Details Urn: "Brass metal urn in the shape of a bird with gold hammering details"

Loving Bird Bronze With Gold Hammering Details

This charming brass metal urn is shaped like a bird, symbolizing love and freedom. Holding up to 90 cubic inches of ashes, it's suitable for a small person or child. The gold hammering details add an extra touch of elegance.

Last Home Urn: "Solid birch urn with cherry finish, Last Home design"

Last Home

Constructed from solid birch, the Last Home urn is a beautiful and natural option. It can hold 100 cubic inches of ashes and features a warm cherry finish.

Tibet White Marble Urn: "Rectangular natural white marble urn, suitable for custom etching"

Tibet White Marble

The Tibet White Marble urn is an adult-sized, rectangular natural marble urn that holds up to 200 cubic inches of ashes. Its smooth surface is suitable for custom etching, allowing for personalization.

Tibet Green Onyx Urn: "Rectangular natural green onyx urn with a unique appearance"

Tibet Green Onyx

Similar to the Tibet White Marble urn, this rectangular urn is made of green onyx, giving it a unique and striking appearance. It's perfect for those who appreciate natural beauty.

Gold Floral Detail Urn: "Brass urn with intricate gold floral detailing hammered on the outside"

Gold Floral Detail

This elegant brass urn features intricate gold floral detailing hammered on the outside. It can hold up to 240 cubic inches of ashes, making it a beautiful and spacious option for a loved one's remains.

When choosing an urn for your loved one, consider the design, material, and capacity that best suit your needs and preferences. Casket Depot Vancouver offers a wide range of urns to ensure you find the perfect memorial for your loved one.

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