American cedar casket, with matte finish and natural wood grains exposed. Soft white velvet interior.
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Solid Cedar Wood Casket | American Cedar

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American Cedar: Exquisite Cedar Casket

Introducing the "American Cedar," an impeccably crafted cedar casket that embodies the perfect combination of strength, aesthetics, and tranquility. Crafted with painstaking attention to detail, this cedar wood casket offers an unmatched blend of natural beauty, resilience, and sustainability, truly epitomizing the eternal rest.

Stunning Design Features

Our American Cedar casket has square corners and a half-couch design, characteristic features that lend it a timeless appeal. The swing bar handled hardware not only accentuates its aesthetics but also makes it easier to transport. This casket comes equipped with a reliable locking mechanism, providing an added layer of security.

Cedar Wood Construction

The construction of the casket is entirely cedar wood - a material celebrated for its strength, beautiful grain, and aromatic fragrance. Cedar is also renowned for its natural preservative qualities that help resist decay and moisture, making this cedar casket an optimal choice for a lasting memorial.

Technical Specifications

  • Exterior width of casket: 28″
  • Exterior length of casket: 81″
  • Exterior height of casket: 24″
  • Interior width: 22″
  • Interior length: 79″
  • Weight: 240 pounds

This is a standard-sized casket that fits effortlessly into a regular burial vault.

Fully Insured Product Warranty

This casket is more than just a product; it's a symbol of love and respect. Hence, we offer a fully insured product warranty to provide you with the peace of mind you deserve during these difficult times.

Experience the Beauty of Cedar

Experience the beauty of natural cedar with our American Cedar casket, an embodiment of excellence and elegance. Honour your loved ones with a tribute as enduring and unique as they were, and let the natural grace of cedar accompany them on their final journey.

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